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a little bit about myself !

likes : nature, shopping, fashion, romance, movies, art, anime, pasta, traveling, lattes & teas, my friends + a lot more . . .fandoms : resident evil, haikyuu!!, trigun, jujutsu kaisen, studio ghibli, sanrio, attack on titan, bungo stray dogs, genshin impact, my hero academia, pokemon, star wars, hunter x hunter, jojo’s bizarre adventure, chainsaw man, the disastrous life of saiki k, beastars

β€” β­’ BYF : on social media, i mainly share / retweet stuff about my fave things + cool art + relatable content. never any serious triggers, but artistic renditions of blood + gore may be present. i am a legal adult so keep in mind that there may be suggestive content that i like & or retweet ( including but not limited to : nudity, implied intimacy / suggestive romance i do my best to not share or engage with explicit nsfw on my public socials, implied violence, injustice, weapons, etc ). i absolutely want to be kept out of drama & discourse as i have social anxiety & can have relatively poor mental health, though please inform me if i follow anyone who is found to be problematic. i'm autistic so please be patient when explaining things to me as i may be slow to understand things ( at times i also experience memory loss too ). you can use tone tags for me, but not required β™‘β€” β­’ DFI + DNI : you're strongly against self-insert & or oc shipping with canon characters β€’ anti kinnie / comfort characters β€’ pro-map & pro-contact, zoosadists / zoophilies, nazis, misogynists, pedos + other degenerate ideologies β€’ if you take kinning too seriously & harass others for portraying / interpretating characters in their own way β€’ pro-shippers + pro-fiction β€’ explicit horror + slasher accounts β€’ gore & shock humor accounts + ableists β€’ "dead dove don't eat" enjoyers ( especially those in the RE fandom )

✿ LAST UPDATE: 5/9/24 ✿
upon commissioning or purchasing an item from my art business, republic_art, & / or my fursuit making business, embroidery farms creations, you are agreeing to the terms of service stated below ( view the google doc version here :

✿ GENERAL ✿1.) by estimate, digital commissions are subject to take longer to complete - at least up to two weeks or more once payment has been sent - but depending on the queue list & class scheduling, this will vary.2.) generally ( this is subject to change ), i will open 5 slots at a time, & slots will reopen once i am ready to take more commissions & have completely finished the previous batch.3.) if you have any questions or concerns, the best way to contact me is through instagram dms, but you can contact me through any of my other social media accounts too if it’s more convenient for you. but please, DO NOT spam me about the same topic on multiple accounts ( or just spam in general ).4.) i ONLY take USD currency ( if you live outside the u.s, paypal should automatically convert your county’s currency into usd ) as payment through either paypal or venmo. I DO NOT take crypto currency ( bitcoin, dogecoin, etc ) of any kind as payment. if you do pay me using this currency, i will not accept it & blacklist & block you.5.) my commission status ( CLOSED, OPEN, PENDING, TBD ) is always presented in my bios on every social media account of mine. if they are closed, you can dm for a free quote but i cannot guarantee i can hold a spot for you when they reopen.6.) you must be 16 years old or older when commissioning me.7.) all clients must have a reference sheet of your character before commissioning me. this is so that i can draw your character with 100% accuracy in my own style. if you do not have a reference sheet, i can gladly make one for you!✿ PAYMENT ✿1.) before i begin your commission, full payment must be sent upfront. however, if preferred, payment may be sent after receiving a sketch of the commission.2.) when i open YCH’s ( your character here ) & adopts, they may have a different payment plan. but if you have not sent me the payment within one ( 1 ) week, i will drop your payment / gift to the winner of the adopt or ych ( auction ) to someone else. you will be blacklisted & blocked as a result.3.) while i do accept rushed deadlines / commissions, i will charge you an additional fee ( $5-20 depending on the length of time ).✿ PROCESS ✿1.) i will always send pictures of the process of the commission for approval before continuing on, but you can always decline this request. this way i can make any edits needed / requested by the client. but i can only make so many changes to your piece ( please keep this in mind, especially with traditional art commissions ).2.) i also have the right to share work in progress photos & completed commissions on my stories / feed unless asked otherwise ( like if your commission is a surprise for another person, i will not share your art piece publicly ).✿ ARTWORK ✿1.) once i have published your finished commission, you are free to share the completed artwork WITH CREDIT, use artwork as a profile picture ( also with credit ), & print out the digital artwork with watermark / signature / credit.2.) meanwhile, you CANNOT : reproduce or use copyrighted artwork commercially ( unless commissioned artwork was specifically made for said purpose ), take credit for the artwork, remove / crop out any watermarks, signatures, or credit. USING MY ARTWORK TO CREATE NFTS ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED. IF FOUND, YOU WILL BE BLACKLISTED, REPORTED, AND BLOCKED!✿ OTHER TERMS ✿1.) as an artist within my own business, i have the right to decline / refuse service from any commission or individual under any circumstances without explanation. this also goes for having the right to refuse drawing or making anything that i am not comfortable producing & showing to the public.2.) if client has not responded / viewed my messages about the progress of the commission after one ( 1 ) week, i WILL NOT refund the payment, as i am still assuming that everything i have already drawn is to their liking.3.) if caught destroying any physical items i’ve made / sold ( for you ) in any way, you will immediately be blacklisted, reported, & blocked, as well as never having the opportunity to commission me for anything again. all physical art pieces are considered fragile & should be handled / treated with care4.) if physical items are lost or destroyed in shipping, the client will receive a 20% refund ( with proof of image of damaged product or tracking number first ). manipulation & dishonesty will result in a blacklist & block.✿ ONLY RELATING TO EMERGENCIES ✿if your artwork ( regardless of medium ; ex traditional or digital ) has not been started at all, you are eligible for a 100% refund. if it has been halfway completed, you are eligible for a 30% refund. if it’s almost near completion, you may be eligible for a 15 - 20% refund. until it is fully completed, you will no longer be entitled for any sort of refund ( exceptions may apply, please dm for more details ).✿ WHAT I CAN DRAW ✿MOSTLY SFW : sketches, full bodies, portraits, humans, other species, aliens, cryptids, original characters & ( fur ) sonas, feral characters, canon characters from ( almost ) any franchise, reference sheets / concept sketch pages, pokΓ©mon teams + pokΓ©sonas, general fanart, self - inserts, suggestive couple ship art, & general ( fandom ) ship art ( upon approval ), suggestive pinups, etc.PLEASE DM ME IF I HAVE NOT COVERED ANYTHING ELSE OR IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO ASK IF I CAN DRAW ANYTHING IN PARTICULAR THAT I LEFT OUT ABOVE✿ WHAT I CAN'T DRAW ✿mecha, disturbing levels of gore ( minor implications are allowed! this includes body horror! ) including necrophilia, extreme depictions of mutilation, hard drugs ( weed included ) & related content of being under the influence ( smoking & drinking are allowed ), loli & β€œcub” art, sexual harassment + non-consensual scenarios, satanic & demonic themes, etc.i AM willing to receive nsfw commissions under certain guidelines & ONLY to those who i'm close to✿ PRICES ✿all set prices displayed on this website will increase based in complexity. will be updated & may vary from time to time as inflation rises, all in USD ONLY.